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Xpress Payment Solutions Wins Big at NiTA 2021

What is excellence to you? A dream car, a dream house or a beautiful holiday vacation - at the core of these things is the desire to be great, to be different.

Xpress Payment Solutions does not just dream of excellence. We breathe it, eat it, sleep it, think it, walk it, talk it. It’s embedded in everything that we do.

And we did not just get here by chance. Our successes today are a product of a concerted effort to actualise our dreams.

For a company that started operations in 2016, the awards under our belt don’t just encourage us to do more; they also humble us.

2021 did not end without yet another recognition of our steadfast commitment towards providing excellent payment solutions to millions of Nigerians.

What started as a year for us to continue our stellar performance in the past five years ended with another feather to our cap.

The seventh edition of the Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA) did not just come and go. Most importantly, it saw us emerge winners of the prestigious awards - Merchant Payment Processing of the Year and Most Innovative Payment Terminal Service Provider of the Year.

Xpress Payment Solutions wins big at NiTA's Awards 2021

Our mission - which is providing seamless payment solutions - is further strengthened by these prestigious recognitions.

For this and no other, we can only be positive that greater recognitions will knock on our door. We express our gratitude and pledge our resolve to deliver beyond expectation in 2022 and beyond.

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