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We Have A New Payment Option That Is Sweeter Than Both Ghanaian And Nigerian Jollof

The title of this article sounds overdramatic, right? Or it appears to be one of those headlines designed to entice readers to click. However, this is far from it. I truly meant it when I came up with the title. So, let me reemphasize that this new and innovative payment option by Xpress Payment solutions is sweeter than the combination of your favourite Ghana and Nigeria Jollof.

The new payment option is the NQR code service! Yes, NQR is a Quick Response Code (i.e., a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device and which stores information as a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid), and it is a secure platform for merchants and individuals to make and receive fast and instant payments. With just a scan, individuals can make payment for any product or service, while business owners on the other hand receive payment for product or service rendered.

How does the NQR payment options work?

Entrepreneurs, merchants, and business owners on the NQR platform are to display QR Codes they have generated to receive payments at their locations.

While buyers, payers, and customers select the NQR option on their bank's mobile application and scan the displayed NQR Codes to make payment to the merchant or business owner.

After this quick and easy interaction, merchants/business owners and payers get instant notification of payment made.

Who can use NQR?

Entrepreneurs, merchants, and business owners of any size can use the NQR to receive payments from individuals and get instant value in their bank account.

Individuals can use NQR to pay for goods and services at merchants’ and business owners’ outlets.

How can payers or individuals make payments with NQR?

Individuals and payers with smartphones, having signed up to their preferred bank’s mobile banking app, can access NQR via their bank’s mobile banking application.

What do I do to set up for NQR usage as a Merchant or Business owner?

It’s simple, business owners should visit their preferred bank, PSSP, or PTSP to be set up as a merchant on NQR.

What do I do to set up on NQR as a Payer or Buyer?

Payers can gain access to the NQR via the mobile banking application of their bank of choice. To set up your bank’s mobile banking app, kindly visit your bank’s website or any branch of your bank for assistance.

How do I pay for goods online with NQR and where would I get the barcode to scan?

Visit the seller or business owners’ website or online shop to shop. Upon check-out, select NQR as the mode of payment for goods selected into the shopping cart. A QR Code is dynamically generated and presented to scan and pay. Scan the presented QR Code and input authorization PIN to consummate the transaction (There is no need to input the amount as the amount payable is automatically added to the QR Code presented to you to scan).

Note that the dynamic QR Code generated and presented to you is for one-time use and expires after the timeframe set by the acquirer.

What are the benefits of NQR?

QR provides many advantages over existing e-payment solutions to both business owners and payers/buyers. These benefits include:

  • Instant value to merchants for all transactions.

  • Zero cost of onboarding, infrastructure, and otherwise, to the merchant.

  • Instant notifications to both merchants and payers of payment made.

  • Lower transaction fees across the various price bands

  • Little to no chargeback or dispute issues, as transactions are first authorized at the

  • payer’s bank before being pushed to the merchant’s bank (push transactions)

  • A reconciliation and reporting portal for merchants and business owners.

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