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Learn How to Make Money from Your Family and Friends When They Buy Recharge Cards

Regardless of your current income, there are avenues you are yet to explore that can fetch you a good sum regularly. And some of those income streams come from expenditures like airtime, cable TV subscriptions, electricity, and other bills your friends and family spend money on a daily or regular basis.

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Now is the time to start making money from these untapped income streams with our innovative solutions. Become an agent and use ResellerXpress to buy recharge cards, subscription fees, electricity bills etc. for friends and family members while earning commissions from every transaction.

To become a ResellerXpress agent, you don’t need any hardware installations. Just your phone or internet-enabled device.

How to Make Money as A Reseller:

Follow these easy steps to become an agent and start earning instantly,

- Log on to

- Navigate to the ‘product and service’ menu, and click on ‘product

- From the product page, click on ResellerXpress

- From the ResellerXpress page, click on “Checkout Product

- From the registration page, click Register with us to become a ResellerXpress agent

- Fill in your details from the registration page: name, email, phone, email, and click login

This action above generates your details with your Reseller ID, for example:

Your account registration was successful.

Please see your details below:


Reseller Account (ID) No: 1000117***

Please click on the URL sent to your email address to activate your account.

After you receive the above message, follow up with these steps:

- An automatic email is sent to you

- Activate your account by clicking (or copy and paste on your browser) the URL sent to your email

- From the confirmation page, click “return to login page

- From the login page, enter your login details

- It takes you to your account dashboard, where you can coordinate your transactions

After completing this process, your account is ready to be funded and you can begin earning money by providing services to family and friends! Other activities available from your dashboard include transaction monitoring, bulk top-up, transaction history, feedback, and profile details, which allows you to update your profile.

How to fund your Reseller account:

Increase your transaction limit by funding your account through bank-branch or online transfer

  • For bank-branch, visit any commercial bank to fund your account using the eCashier platform

  • Use your Reseller ID as the Depositor’s name and your account will be credited with the amount deposited

  • For online transfers, credit the account details below to fund your account stating your Reseller ID as this Narration: (0786109249; Access Bank; Xpress Payment Solutions Limited).

  • Notify Xpress Payments via email or SMS using the FEEDBACK option or mobile number provided on the reseller platform respectively with details of your Reseller ID, Depositor’s name and Amount deposited

  • A confirmation is sent to you that your account has been successfully funded

  • Afterwards, you can begin transactions as a Reseller on the platform with ease

If you have any questions, we’re here to help 24/7. Contact us here.

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