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How to Choose the Best Payment Platform for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Customers generally gravitate towards a seamless payment process when making a purchase decision. And with the pandemic, online payment has become the most convenient route towards making payment easy and accessible to customers.

While there are several online payment methods, small businesses are usually in a dilemma when choosing the best payment platform for their brands, due to their limited resources.

The primary advantages of online payment platforms are that they help you gain more customers, reduce costs, and simplify accounting processes.

Here are some of the features to look out for when considering the best online payment platform for your business.


You should not consider a platform that is not flexible because it will eventually stall your business payment process. The primary attraction for any online payment platform is its flexibility. Ask yourself, can your customers choose whether to pay by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer? If the answer is no, consider opting for another platform. At Xpress Payments, we have multiple payment options for your convenience. You can check out some of our products and services here.


Security is perhaps one of the biggest fears of online shoppers. A major red flag is when a platform cannot guarantee your security. Check out their reviews, ask those who have used the platform. Do your homework, and ensure your business and customers are safe. Ensure that they provide you with fraud protection and payment security.

Xpress Payment ensures multi-layer defence systems are in place. Examples include card and address verification systems, industry-customized algorithms, tokenization, pre-authorization, and manual review processes. With these multiple defence systems, fraudulent activities are reduced to the barest minimum.


Functionality is another huge aspect of an online payment platform. One major functionality to look out for is integration. Does the payment processing software integrate with your other businesses or platforms? As your business expands, you will need a payment processor that can easily be integrated into other newer third-party platforms to reach new audiences.

Go for a payment platform that offers you a variety of third-party integrations with a robust API that can help you deploy integrations seamlessly. Xpress Pay, a service under Xpress Payment Solutions is a fantastic example of a payment integration platform with this functionality.


The most cost-intensive platforms are not necessarily the best. Besides the cost of acquisition, review how the pricing is set up on the platform for your customers. What transactions are subject to a fee, and at what rate? Are there any hidden charges for you or your customers? Do this and more to conclude if it’s the best fit for your target audience.


The features on a platform are essential to the experience your users get when they engage your platform. A functional payment platform with a poor user experience is a turn off for most customers. Therefore, ensure they are not lagging on this end as well.

Besides the generic features of online payment platforms, what other unique offering does the provider bring to the table? This is a critical question that affects your business in a big way.

At Xpress Payments, we prioritize the flexibility, security, functionality, price and features of our payment solutions for optimal customer experience, because we want you to focus on the main goal, which is growing and expanding your business.

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