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Avoid NEPA Wahala: Here’s How to Pay Your NEPA Bills with Ease

Avoid NEPA Wahala: Here’s How to Pay Your NEPA Bills with Ease
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Some situations get you worked up by just thinking about them. Situations like having your electricity disconnected while away at work due to delayed payment, going out of gas in the middle of the night while you are cooking your food or your cable TV subscription getting exhausted in the middle of your favourite series. These situations often occur not because you cannot afford to pay your PHCN (NEPA) bill or renew your cable TV subscription, but because of the difficulties of making payment. The thought of queuing up at the PHCN office discourages you and this leads to a delay in making payment.

However, with the digital innovation across the various sectors, PayXpress, a payment solution platform, has closed this gap by making it easier, safer, and faster to make payments for several purposes.

Now, you can avoid the rigorous process of queuing at the “NEPA” office before being able to pay or renew electricity bills. Contrary to what used to be the norm, you can sort out your NEPA bills right in the comfort of your home.

At PayXpress, we understand that electricity is a basic necessity for individuals and organisations. Without which, not so much can be done. Therefore, we want to cut out the stress and danger in moving around with cash or visiting physical offices to pay your electricity bill. Whether you are at home, at work or in transit, you can pay your electricity bill anytime and anywhere with PayXpress.

We have outlined the following easy steps to guide you when paying your PHCN bills.

  • Get any internet-enabled device, e.g. mobile phone, laptop, desktop, Etc.

  • Go to your preferred browser and enter

  • Sign up or log in using your email address and password

  • Select electricity from the list of services

  • Select the electricity distribution company you are registered with (e.g. Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKDC) Prepaid.)

  • Select your contract type - prepaid or postpaid

  • Then enter your meter number.

  • If prepaid, enter your meter number and the amount you wish to top up. If postpaid, enter your account number and the amount of your bill

  • Input your phone number and email address and hit the submit button.

  • Enter your credit card details

  • Confirm your order summary

  • In less than 10 seconds, a token is generated.

  • Enter this token directly on your prepaid or postpaid electricity meter.

  • Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account on our secure payment platform.

Once these have been completed, rest assured that your days of confusion and tension over making payment for your PHCN (NEPA) bills are over, switch to PayXpress and experience the ease of life that comes with an easy, safe, and faster payment solution like never before.

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