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5 Throwback Indian Drama TV Shows Nigerians Loved

Indian TV soap operas made their way to Nigerian television and have remained a favourite ever since.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of these melodramatic TV shows, but they've found a way to become memorable to those who care about them.

5 Throwback Indian Drama TV Shows Nigerians Loved
5 Throwback Indian Drama TV Shows Nigerians Loved

We have rated the top five throwback Indian drama TV shows that kept Nigerians glued to their screens while they were being aired.

Sacred Ties

For some reason or another, this particular show was also dubbed "Divine Relationship" on another television channel. A classic love story, the female protagonist (Archana) soon became a household sweetheart – especially among middle-aged women.

The majority of the suspense and intrigue stemmed from Archana’s tumultuous relationship with her mother-in-law who didn’t want her as a daughter-in-law.

Even when half of the initial cast was changed towards the end, Sacred Ties continued to hold viewers spellbound.

Married Again

This television drama had Nigerians interested for different reasons. For some, it was the looks of the male protagonist, Yash. And for others, it was the chemistry he shared with his female co-star.

Married Again had a compelling plot and well-developed characters that turned thousands of viewers into ardent fans.

The Promise

If you’ve read this article until this point, then there’s a high chance that you’ve also watched The Promise. The love story of Jai Walia and Bani was so epic that it couldn’t have been easily forgotten – even if you wanted to.

And then how could we forget the monumental no-nonsense character of Jigyasa Walia (one of the most heroic villains Indian television drama has ever witnessed).


Laali is one of the Indian TV drama shows that stood out for many Nigerians. Although it wasn’t the typical love story, it had so many epic moments that made it a captivating story. The attention this show got from Nigerians, was close to obsession.

Twist of Fate

This TV drama show started off well. Then it got interesting only for it to drag so long that it left a question on everyone’s lips: is this show never going to end?

It’s arguably the longest Indian television show to be ever broadcast in Nigeria, with some of the main characters already losing their charm on the audience.

It’s been a delight so far recapping some of the most popular Indian television shows to be ever broadcast on Nigerian television.

Is your favourite show on this list? Share with us in the comments. We would like to know! Also, remember that you can catch up with your favourite Indian television shows when you pay for your cable TV subscription on Pay Xpress.

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