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3 Young Nigerians Share What Takes Up Most of Their Money

Adulthood comes with a slew of difficulties. Paying bills, on the other hand, takes the cake. Since money is a necessary part of life, we asked three young Nigerians to share what they spend most of their money on.

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Chibunna, 26, earns #150,000 monthly as a customer service officer. Almost half of his salary goes to food.

I live in Lagos and the cost of living in the state is high. Although my job requires that I work hybrid sometimes, I hardly spend money on anything else other than food. The prices of perishable food items in the market have all tripled. I find it hard to get the same quantity of food for the same amount of money."

Chibunna also shares what would have been one-third of his savings with his middle-aged mother and undergraduate girlfriend.

“I haven’t been able to consistently pay my tithes in the past six months. After spending over half of my salary on food items for the month, I’m left with very little money to send to my mum and also my girlfriend. But I try to ensure that I send something every now and then to my girl – she needs my support. Maybe I will go back to paying my tithes soon.”


Twenty-seven-year-old Morenike Thomas allocates half of her #200,000 monthly income to saving for her yearly rent. “My rent is the most important thing. Every month, I save half of my salary and I’m left with the other half for my expenses. So I would say that rent takes up the most of my money.”

“I think that it’s going to continue this way for a while. At least, I work remotely for now and a comfortable apartment is very important to me.”


Data is what matters most to Tolulope, fashion designer and vlogger. Tolu studied Fine Arts at the university, worked in a new generation bank for 6 months and decided to leave to become an entrepreneur.

Since 24-year-old Tolu found out she could also vlog about her life as a fashion designer, she decided to invest fully in it – and with good returns. “I started vlogging in 2020. It was during the pandemic. Everyone was at home. And business was down – people were not going out to parties and functions, so there was no one buying new clothes. It was initially difficult. But one day, it occurred to me that 'why not start a vlog?' And that was how I started.”

“Getting views is easier, I would say, than getting subscribers. I remember how I screamed when I hit my first 100 subscribers,” Tolu added.

“As a content creator, data is what matters most to me. I buy data constantly. Do you know that thing that people say about how data is life? Data is not just life to me; it’s everything. It gets the most of my income, I won’t even lie.”

If you are like Tolu and data is as important to you as water, you can get quality data at affordable prices from PayXpress.

You can also tell us what you spend most of your money on in the comments.

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